Conductor Angus “Mac” McDonald

27 years on the Reston-Wolseley Mixed Train.

Please click on this news item shown here, and it will give you a great news clipping from the Reston Recorder dated Jan, 4, 1934, about Train Conductor Angus McDonald, an amazing and beloved man, and some of his history. He had 25 years service with CPR prior to taking over the Reston-Wolseley mixed, for a total of 52 years service.

Souris Railway Museum attained his collection of memorabilia from the committee of “The Caboose” CP 437180, which they had in storage, and with no place to exhibit them. We have the originals of this memorabilia safely locked in our strong box. Among these artifacts are 26 train orders from 1891 and 1892, an engine haulage capacity book from 1926, which illustrates all the sub-divisions  and stations of the former Souris Division, a time bill (today it is known as a schedule) dated 1895 showing schedules from Fort William,Ontario to Donald, B.C. and all branch lines connected. One train order and one page of time bill #31 are displayed on this page. All Train orders can be seen in our library, photocopied in a binder. (Click your cursor on each illustration inserted in this article for enlarged viewing).


The next summer after Angus McDonald retired, a picnic was held at what is now called Kenosee Lake in honour of Conductor McDonald and at which there were over 2,000 well-wishers in attendance. People from all over who had travelled on his train in those 27 years. Another news item is displayed here, illustrating why the crew of the “Peanut” were well liked by the travellers on the Reston-Wolseley mixed.

An illustration of the cover of a book, titled “The Peanut”, by Editor Gilbert McKay of the Moosomin, SK.,World-Spectator is also illustrated in this write-up. One story as to how this train became named the “Peanut” is about a settler stating every time he heard this train’s whistle it reminded him of a peanut vendors whistle as he peddled his peanut machine, back home in England.

We are very thankful to the descendants of Angus McDonald from Reston, Manitoba for their gracious donation of his memorabilia to the history of Souris Railway Museum. Written by Ferg Devins.