Bobo the monkey.

I once heard a sto­ry about a rail­road crew that befriend­ed a mon­key named Bobo.

The rail­road­ers would play with Bobo and feed him and real­ly treat him nice. In fact, they taught the mon­key to give hand sig­nals and run the engine and to even read a switch list and switch out the cars.

Soon Bobo got to be so good at it that the guys would let the mon­key do their work while they went fish­ing. One day the Train­mas­ter caught the guys fish­ing while Bobo was doing the work. All of the rail­road­ers got fired on the spot.

A cou­ple of months lat­er the rail­road­ers got a let­ter from the com­pa­ny. It was a great flow­ery piece and rein­stat­ed all of the rail­road­ers to their for­mer posi­tions with all back pay. It was signed by Train­mas­ter Bobo.