Message from the President and CEO – B.C. Storm

Published: November 18, 2021
Fellow railroaders,
As many of you know, and as many of you are unfortunately experiencing first-hand, nature has once more hit B.C. with ferocity. Historic rains have left many communities under water or cut off. Key arterial roads remain closed and rail infrastructure has been badly damaged, including significant portions of our CP Thompson and Cascade subs.
CP teams deployed across the Fraser Valley in the B.C. interior have been working around the clock for days now to get our mainline running again and restore the vital supply chain service we provide. My thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by this latest extreme weather event and our CP family members responding to it. If you have been personally impacted by this event, please talk with your leader.
As we work to restore our tracks, we are also doing our best to help adjacent communities in the Fraser Canyon.
  • The Procurement Team has arranged food delivery to the Spuzzum First Nation for distribution to those in need in the Fraser Canyon
  • The Signals and Communications team has arranged for ten portable generators to be delivered to the Cooks Ferry First Nation
  • The Lead Team at the North Bend Bunkhouse base of operations is arranging meals, milk and baby formula for the Boston Bar Food Bank
I’m grateful to all the CP railroaders working so hard to repair the damage, and the many others supporting those efforts by coordinating the equipment and other supplies needed to get us back up and running. The way you are coming together yet again shows the strength and character of this incredible team of railroaders.
Please remember to be safe and watch out for each other. There are more days of hard work ahead, but we will, as we have before, overcome these obstacles together. You are the best railroaders in the world, and you prove that every single day, never more than during such critical times.

Keith Creel, President and CEO