(Originally from Souris Plaindealer)

    The summer of 1911 has been one of marvellous development for Souris. Great civic improvements are underway, and as some justification for this large expenditure, the C.P.R. has definitely established divisional headquarters here as a very important railway centre. In accordance with the expected growth of Souris, the Company is building a handsome depot, and it was the cornerstone of this magnificent edifice that was laid on Monday afternoon (Oct. 16, 1911) by Mayor Hughes.

The ceremonies began by the presentation to the Mayor of a silver trowel by T.L. Arnett, President of the Board of Trade, on behalf of the citizens. In making the presentation Mr. Arnett referred to the longtime Souris had been expectantly been waiting for a new depot. Plans had been got out a few years ago for a station similar to that at Virden. Now we are getting one like Saskatoon’s. It is evident that the railway officials had changed their minds as to the probabily development of Souris, it was visibly evident today that their views had been considerably enlarged. Mr Bury, who would now, in his new position, have a share in forming the policy of the C.P.R., had recently expressed the opinion that Souris will be one of the best towns in Western Canada. Souris had a fine agricultural district surrounding it, but no better than that in which many other towns were situated. It was the industrial growth that we must look to for future development. It is wonderful what the citizens of a town can do if they have the faith that will translate itself into energetic town-building.       Mayor Hughes thanked the citizens for their gift of the trowel. The he read a list of the articles that were placed in the jar which was to be buried under the cornerstone:                          Copy of Souris Plaindealer                                                                                                 Copy of Free Press                                                                                                         Copy of Winnipeg Telegram                                                                                            Various photographic scenes of Souris, all of the dam, the old railway station, and of Souris Baseball Team                                                                                                    Coins bearing date 1911                                                                                                     A document was also included containing the following information regarding the development of Souris during 1911, the civic and railway officials:                                     “This Corner Stone laid October 16, 1911”                                                                      Town Councillors: J.H. Bartlett, T.A. Lockhart, W.J. Merrell, F. Kochen, J. Herriott, Dr. Croll. Town Clerk J.W. Breakey                                                                                                    Town Solicitors Bosweel and Forrest                                                                                  Magistrate P.R. O’Neail                                                                                                     Chief of Police Wm. Currie                                                                                                President of Board of Trade T.L. Arnett                                                                              M.P.P. James Argue                                                                                                           Dom. M.P. J.A.M. Aikens                                                                                                   Dominion Election, Sept. 21, 1911                                                                                   Conservative Government elected by majority of 48                                                          J.A.M. Aikens elected to Dominion Parliament for Brandon Division by majority of 866       Souris majority 154                                                                                                           Important events in Souris during 1911: System of Sewage and Waterworks installed at cost of $200,000; Damming of River; Public Pavilion built in Park; New Post Office, cost $33,000; Additional Public School, cost $35,000; New Union Bank; C.P. Railway complete new Freight Yards; C.P.R. new storehouse and other buildings; C.P.R. new pumping station at River, and last but not least, C.P.R. new Station costing $35,000.