The Souris Rail­way Muse­um Appre­ci­ates all it’s supporters!

If you would like to become involved there are sev­er­al ways to help out.

1. Donate

2. Vol­un­teer

3. We appre­ci­ate the vol­un­teer efforts of estab­lish­ing this web­site by Traci Eal­ing of Eal­ing Com­put­er Repair…Thanks for all your help Traci.…Ferg Devins, Souris Rail­way Museum

4, Vol­un­teer Mark Cran­well, we also appre­ci­ate all of your time con­sum­ing efforts in work­ing on this web­site, as well as oper­at­ing our diesel loco­mo­tive Simulator.…Thanks from Ferg Devins, Souris Rail­way Museum.

5.Vol­un­teer Tim Janz, of Cal­gary, for obtain­ing Diesel Loco­mo­tive Sim­u­la­tor for us,‘Which is a great attrac­tion with our Tourists..Thanks Tim from Souris Rail­way Museum.

6. This muse­um would not be in exis­tence today, if it were not for a lot of oth­er vol­un­teers help­ing us out.…namely Kei­th & Ann Mar­ley, Roy Steven­son, Bet­ty Clevett, Bet­ty Som­er­sall, Eli­nor Birks-Davi­son, Kei­th Davi­son, Bet­ty & Ferg Devins, Bev & Clare Som­er­sall, Jan­ice Fras­er, Orla Mait­land, Mark Stocks, Den­nis Philp, John Jones, Bob Bal­bar, Ger­ry Gatey, Brent Fal­lis, San­dra Williams, Har­vey Williams, Gil Neufeld, Lyle Pow­ell, Gor­don Pow­ell, Ruth Mar­tin, Ron Bar­clay, Dan­ny Bel­bas, Irene Shmyr, Ken McBur­ney, Lar­ry Neil­son, Rick Janzen, Dwight Davis, David Frost, Gor­don McIn­tosh, Archie Smith, Rae Hal­dane-Wilsone, Rick Smith, Al Pol­warth, Lor­raine Kurten­bach, Jason Philp, Doug Den­ning, Dean Fras­er, Tim Janz, Bob Edger­ton, Bill & Sheila Kirkup, Bri­an & Jodi Logan, Emi­lie Clarisse Logan, Don­na Devins & Doug Bar­rett, Bev Richards, Cal­i­hil Pabuy­on, Gor­don Thomp­son, Bill Rol­ston, Char­lotte Parham, Bob Donogh, Don Main, Lin­da Per­rin, Kris Doull, Jim Lud­lam, Vern May,  Ditlief Eiss­ner, Lloyd Bar­clay, Dex­ter Kowalchuk, Mur­ray Cameron, Judy (McDon­ald) Sam­bell, Joan (McDon­ald) Hna­jy, Chris Coul­ter, Don Jack­son, Mur­ray Zuk, Valerie Baza­luk, Rae McBur­ney, Louise & Aimie Deleau, Mur­ray Smith, Bruce/Elayne Harg­er, Isabel Stephen­son, Muriel Doran, Bar­ry Pren­tice, Margie Izzard, Dean Sher­ritt, Jeff Mur­ray, Helen For­rest, Gil Neufeld, Karen Kempe, For­rest & For­rest, Souris-Glen­wood Foun­da­tion, Souris Col­li­sion & Glass, Town Tire, Kirkup Agen­cies, Souris B.P.O.Elks Lodge #21, Staff of West­o­ba Cred­it Union, Staff of Roy­al Bank of Cana­da, Beta Sig­ma Phi, Souris Legion, Legion Ladies Auxiliary/Branch #60,  Farm Cred­it Cor­p’n.  Munic­i­pal­i­ty of Souris-Glen­wood, Mur­phy Repairs of Deleau,MB, Rick Smith (Cal­gary), New York Air Brake Co., Souris Mul­ti­cul­tur­al Soci­ety. The Devins Net­work, .…Dis­patch­er Al G. Skogstad’s Fam­i­ly, Dis­patch­er C. Boyd Bus­by, Dis­patch­er Bob Kil­patrick, Dis­patch­er Phil Sed­don, Chief Dis­patch­er Bert J. John­ston, Via Rail Super­in­ten­dent Doug Doig of Win­nipeg, CPR Agent Wes Rose fam­i­ly, Lau­ra Hig­gs, Earl Symonds, Ron Friesen, Enbridge Pipelines, Souris-Glen­wood Golf Course.. job well done by every­one!   We appre­ci­ate every­thing you’ve done!..You are WONDERFUL PEOPLE. Many Thanks from Ferg Devins.